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Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, most of our warehouses had to be temporarily closed for the safety of the workers before. However, we have started shipping out orders again since around the beginning of March! Most orders should be sent on time now, but please keep in mind that some of our items could be out of stock and slow to restock because of this pandemic.

Many countries have also started taken emergency measures one after another. If the destination country has restrictions on transportation/shipping services and causes delays, we will not accept that as a reason for returns/refunds and reshipment.

If we give a refund for an item that you ordered out of nowhere, it is because we do not have stock of this item anymore. Some of our suppliers still haven't recovered from this and some have decided to close indefinitely. We will try our best to fulfill orders to the best of our abilities, so please be patient with us. Please do not send us emails with bold letters or profanity to catch our attention as we get stressed out as well.

For orders that are placed during the Coronavirus pandemic, are time sensitive, and still hasn't shipped, we will gladly give a full refund. Please shoot us an email with your 'order number and refund' in the email subject. (i.e. Order #0000 Refund) 

We apologize for the unforseen circumstances and thank you so much for your patience. Our hearts go out to all the individuals suffering with the Coronavirus.

Frequently Asked Questions